Monday, May 10, 2010

Just a spoonful of sugar

For Mother's Day Weekend, I did a little role playing. Lea and Millie skipped town for the lights of NYC and Adam just happened to have a business trip in China or Korea or both. So that left Maxx and Rosie all alone. Well, all alone with....ME!

Here is what I learned from a weekend with the Marshall kids....

Reasons I would fail as a mom:
1. Rosie and I watched 20 minutes of Maxx's soccer game...until we realized that he wasn't on that team.
2. I may have accidentally taken a nap that lasted 2 hours, give or take. Supervision is SO overrated. I really like naps.
3. The whole monkey milkshake debacle of 2008.
4. I suggest things like this.

Reasons I would rock as a mom:
1. I went to church 3 times on Sunday. Twice without make-up.
2. I didn't actually let them watch Taken.
2. Two Words: BMX park.

I did make her wear a helmet and sunscreen. Go me.

1 comment:

  1. napping is the hallmark of good mothering. well, it is my hallmark and so you were just really trying to be me. and you did rock it all weekend. rosie asked when i was leaving town again. sigh.