Friday, May 29, 2009

When it is all said and done...

Oh how the runner in me loves a good finish line and ladies and gentlemen, we have received the finish line! The Blog-a-Day in May challenge ends today! Whew!

This silly little challenge has actually taught me a pretty big lesson. Life is just a series of little moments all worthy of notice, appreciation and reflection. I had become so conditioned to focus on the big moments in life (the graduations, the moves, the new jobs that I have had and the husband and the kids that I don't have) that I consistently felt like I was missing out on something. But the funny thing is that when you are trying to coming up with material to post on a blog every single day, you begin to look at your life in a very different way. Those little moments in the day suddenly moved to centerstage in my life. I found a new appreciation for everything from a day of childish antics at Adventure Island to the day when Edub and I had really terrible service at BW3's. I just keep thinking... wait until this goes on my blog! I never did post that story, but it involves a server who couldn't get anything right. We honestly tried to think of one thing that she did right... and nada! But the best part of that experience was that I didn't get angry or storm out of the restaurant. I just laughed in disbelief and thought "oh, just wait until my blog friends hear about this one!"

I have also really enjoyed learning from others. Reading your daily posts is such a highlight for me. Oh and Adam, I believe that you have consumed approximately 6,432 extra calories this month. But, who's counting? And I am still waiting for my shiskaberry....

And as the contest draws to a close, I would like to thank my sponsors: Red Eye Coffee Shop, Sony Vaio, Lea Marshall's photos, the Division of Student Affairs, EDub, and my mom (for her phone calls to remind me to blog).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love lunch

I always have and always will.

And at one point in my life, I didn't eat lunch at my desk. I actually took a lunch every single day. Some days I was even gone for 2 hours. Or the rare but oh so delightful all day lunch. What made those lunches so enjoyable? It was the people. My lunch crew. Monday-Friday from 11:30-? we could be found in The Caf. What? You have never heard of "The Caf"? Well then, you must not be from Wingate University.

Because if you have been to Wingate University, you would know that the place to be at lunch is the W.T. Harris Dining Hall (also known as The Caf). And the best day to be there is Wednesday. Oh, how I miss fried chicken Wednesdays.

Well, our little lunch crew formed when these two lovely ladies decided....

that they should eat lunch with these guys....
well, not ALL of them.... just suits #1, #2, #5 (L-R).

That one little lunch meeting morphed into a full year of daily lunches. The five of us found that while we all came from very different backgrounds (from the son of an NBA coach to the daughter of a single mother, from New England to Florida), we all had a lot in common and really enjoyed spending time together. We quickly learned that if you gave Gray chocolate cake, he would say whatever was on his mind (appropriate or not). We teased Dunn about all of his girlfriends. We talked sports, politics, fashion, and a LOT of pop culture. The students knew that the table in the far right corner by the windows (and dessert table) was ours. And without fail we were there every day. We were all together the day that Stacey announced she was having a baby and we spent the following months coming up with fake baby names. Lil' Andre never really took off.

One of my favorite lunch crew moments was when Gray proposed that everyone in the group have nicknames. And the immediately proclaimed himself "the sexy one". Oh how I miss that confidence!

I also secretly love that in the ONLY picture that I have of Stacey and me, I am wearing an outfit that the fellas totally mocked.... Oh and to the blog world, Stacey is preggo in that pic... she isn't fat...

The lunch crew dissolved in the spring of 2007 when Stacey, Dunn and Gray left the university. Clearly, Dooley and I couldn't make it without them, as we both left the following year.

Dear lunch crew,

I propose a reunion. Say Wingate Homecoming 2009?

Miss you,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One simple request

Note to all: When planning events for the Fall...
Check the football schedule!

Failing to do a little research could result in this:

FSU v. USF and the SPS Class of '99 Reunion on the same day.
September 26th.

How will I ever choose?

In other news:
Only 2 more days left in the "Blog every WEEKday in May Challenge". Whew. My brain is a bloggy mess.


Only 2 more days left until the Annual "School is OUT for the summer and we are going to Barnaby's" Celebration.

Where we will recreate this photo from 2008:Or this one from 2007:
Or this one from 2006:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Want to skip church and go to Adventure Island?


How Sarah, Jeffrey and Meghan spent their Sunday Morning:

Well, technically speaking, only Sarah and Jeffrey played on those slides. I have a weird thing about being in enclosed tubes. AND after watching a little "yellow" run down a little boy's leg... they developed a little thing against the blue slides.

Here is what I rocked:

Oh yeah, I am SO good on the monkey bar rope thang. The lifeguard even complimented my mad monkey skills. (I think that he was just excited that there was someone over the age of 10 there for him to talk to...)

I beat Jeffrey racing down these slides. Well, technically we tied- but this is my blog.... so there.

Our little morning at the happiest place of earth, well the happiest place with chlorine, was SO good. Lots of carefree gallivanting, water splashing, 90's music flashbacking, french fry eating and we got to see our Dad's new office. (Did I forget to mention that this is where he hangs out EVERYday! He is so lucky.)


Here is how Meghan spent Sunday Evening (and all day Monday and some of Tuesday):

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's too late to....

As I am going to be with my family for the next 5 days, I might need to fine tune my mad apologizing skills. Just sayin'.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Make it stop...

I hear that confession is good for the soul. So, here goes...

I have a very destructive habit. It leaves me with feelings of anger, frustration, embarrassment and the strong desire to shake someone or something. Surely, that can't be good.

And while I am fully aware that the above is my typical response to my own indulgence, I just can't seem to stop. It is like that flipped car on the interstate, as much as I KNOW that I should focus ahead and keep driving, I cannot help but stare.

I have been suffering with this compulsive behavior for about a year now. (Ever since I moved back to the 'hassee.) There is a small part of me thinks that maybe others will change their behavior and then I won't have to. But for some unknown reason, I just cannot bring myself to stop reading the Tallahassee Democrat online. Where with every poorly written article there are even more disgraceful comments. And those comments indeed make me ashamed to be a part of this community.

But wait... there is a silver lining... I just learned that I am not alone. Liz (who will soon be my best friend) wrote a perfect commentary on this very matter. It was as if she took the thoughts out of my head. And since she is a MUCH better writer than I am, I thank her!

My hope is that the Democrat will one day remove the comment option. Please, I beg you. It makes our community look utterly ridiculous. Clearly people are unable to provide constructive comments that are relevant to the issues at hand.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Students, Faculty, Families and Distinguished Guests....

Question: What do Emily Greene, Michelle Obama and Carrie Underwood all have in common?

Answer: Great biceps and they were all the Salutatorian of their high school class.

Emily's thoughts on the matter:
"I really wish that Steven kid would have beat me. Then I wouldn't have to write this speech."

In less than 3 days, Greene Girl 3 will be giving her speech to her graduating class and as the "oh so helpful" big sister that I am, I provided her with a little inspiration....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Dear Beyonce (or Ms. Fierce),

I like to think that we are friends. After all, you hang out with me when I get ready in the morning, you go with me to work, I hear you in my mall, I have spent the occasional Saturday night with you. You had me at Single Ladies. Ok ok... you had me at Baby Boy. I feel that we have a relationship where I can be open and honest with you. That being said, I think that it is time for us to have a little chat. Let me preface with this: I am not going to pretend that I am some master of lyrical interpretation. I really do struggle with poetry... I just don't get it. BUT....let's talk about Halo. Cute. Catchy. Sweet song. Video with a hot guy. What could I possibly have to complain about? Well, Beyonce, let me tell you. Why, oh WHY, does he have to be her 'saving grace'? Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that she is able to let her guard down and open herself up to another person. That is good. That is healthy. But there is great risk in putting ALL of your hope, faith and trust in another person. People fail. It is true. By our very nature, we were not designed to be everything to someone. I get really nervous when women expect for/ rely on/ wait for a man to swoop in and save them from, well, whatever they think they need to be saved from. That change need to come from within. I have personally seen too many friends use a man or woman in the context of a relationship to "save" them from whatever had them bound. I have even done it myself. And 9 times out of 10, I am left with a hole to be filled. It may be greater than before. It may be the same size, just a different void. Regardless, there is a hole. An emptiness. A longing.

Well Beyonce, here is where the theology kicks in. As the good Christian that I am, I know there is only 1 way to fill that hole. There is only 1 worthy of ALL of my hope, faith and trust. (And it isn't that hottie in your video.) But as the mediocre Christian that I am, I often forget that and live for that earth angel. The one that never can be nor never will be enough for me. I so quickly forget to put my hope in the things above. Girl, I feel ya. It isn't easy.

My dear friend, I beg of you please, do not fall victim to the Jerry McGuire "you complete me" syndrome. You are too good for that. Way too good.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Let the record show...

I did NOT break into the Marshall home on Friday and steal their television. C'mon people, I have a key (or at least had a key before their locks were changed). And why would I try to carry their massive TV to my house, when I can stay at their's AND eat their food?

Oh, and I have an alibi. I was at work. People saw me there. These guys, however, do not:

To the FBC Class of 2009:

You all make me smile. A lot. It is so hard for me to believe that you all were in 6th grade the year that I started working my brief stint in full-time youth ministry. You were my favs and I don't even care if the others know. You were the most dynamic group of guys that I had ever met. And you were only in the 6th grade! (Oh, Aseye... I didn't forget about you! The lone lady in the bunch! I am just glad that you made it to church on time yesterday :)

Senior Sunday has long been one of my favorite Sundays (you know, just behind Easter) and this year's was SO good. I promise, I wasn't crying during your video. I'm a rock. That was just sweat (after all- the AC was broken!)

I really loved being a part of your lives. Going to your baseball games, hanging out with you at youth camp, driving you around town. Will, I loved that your uncle once asked me, "Which boy was mine?" out at the ballpark one day. The look on his face was priceless when I pointed to you. Andrew, I forgive you for not letting me be your Facebook friend. I get it... being "friends" with old people just isn't cool. Matt, you always will be my favorite Perrin. Even if you made fun of my vanilla scented car air freshner. Luke, oh Luke.... I secretly FEARED the day that you would get your driver's license. And now you are going to be in college. Yikes. I also seem to recall some of you throwing me into a pool about 6 years ago... I haven't forgotten... payback is coming...

I am thrilled that so many of you will be in town next year. I'm just not ready to let you go. After all, it is all about me!

Now if we could just convince Will to forgoe his Auburn dream and stay in Tallahassee...
Um... Luke.... buddy... what is up with that gown?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Best thing from Durham...

Even better than JJ Redick... wait... WAY better than JJ...

The best thing(s) from Durham are hands down products by Burt's Bees. I have had a little crush on their lip balms for years now- oh that tingly minty goodness! And after doing a quick beauty product inventory last night (thanks to Debbie's post), I realized that I have quite the little Burt's Bees collection. I used to get so excited when I stumbled across their products. But now they are in every drugstore, grocery, bookstore, and college campus... A+ for convenience.

Let me pause to acknowledge that some of you are shocked. I know, I know, I hardly come across as the natural product loving type. But rest assured- I indeed am.

Ok back to business...Here are my Top 5 Go To Burt's Bees Products (in no particular order):

1. Replenishing Lip Balm w/ Pomegranate oil- I know that many are still loyal to the original peppermint, but I personally think the pome rocks!

2. Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme- It does great things for cuticles... but works as the BEST blister blocker for summer sandals...I'm just saying.

3. Herbal Blemish Stick- While I am no teenager... Let's be real... my face breaks out. It happens- this fixes it.

4. Hand Salve- I may or may not also use it on my elbows...

5. Apricot Baby Oil- I am fully aware that this product is for infants... but it makes my skin SO smooth! (this might be my fav, but don't tell the others!)

Well, there you have it... all of my beauty secrets... all from Burt.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gluttony for punishment?

To my roommates:

Why do you hate me? Did I forget to take out the trash? Is it my turn to buy paper towels and dish soap? Is VH1 blaring too loudly in the morning? Do I monopolize the bathroom? I must have done something wrong. Please...for the love... just tell me what it was! Don't do this:

Cruel. Simply cruel. Leaving an unopened pint of B&J in the freezer when you go out of town for the week. That is just wrong. How am I suppose to sneak a bite if you don't open that little container.... and take that first scoop? You have forced me to stare at that pint of goodness for SEVEN days. Every time I go in for some ice, I am faced with the reminder that there is sweet bliss in the freezer and I CAN'T HAVE IT! You know how much I love those little cookie dough morsels. I beg of you, what have I done to deserve this level of torture?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


While this girl was at the dentist's office last week getting weirded out by the hygienist, I was chillin in the lobby of the doctor's office flipping through a copy of Newsweek from Spring 2008*. Would it kill them to update their magazine selection? I know that I pay enough for them to maintain their subscriptions! Anywho... I stumbled on to an ad for Oscar Myers something or other with the text "Blogworthy." Seriously? Who blogs about food? Oh wait... this guy does. For all of visual readers, here is the ad that caught my eye:

So it got me thinking... What is actually blogworthy? I highly doubt that anything I post is worthy of a blog, but clearly I do not care. I can post anything that I want to post and I will. And since it is ALL ABOUT ME (at least for the next few moments) let me share an actual compliment that I received yesterday.

[direct text from Facebook chat]

"well... i can't think of any other person in the world (outside of me/my wife/my unborn child/my dog) that is as amazing and consistently cool as you
in all facets of life
and my dog isn't even consistently cool
so you may be better than him"

My blog is clearly more for me than anyone else. It has been a great creative outlet for me. Who knew writing could be so much fun? Until recently, I have been more of a reader than a writer. I LOVE a good book and I am waiting on this girl to get her book club up and going. But until that actually happens, I will just keep writing. And for funsies here is a little clip of John Maxwell's thoughts on Readership... I mean Leadership... wait, no, Readership.

*In case anyone was wondering, according to that "oh so informative" Newsweek, we are on the brink of a recession.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If pictures are worth a thousand words...

Then this post's word count is pushing 9, 558. But what would a Bachelorette Weekend be without lots o' photos?

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Exhibit C: Thanks to Lea Marshall, I can smell a camera coming!

You say the words beach, shopping, dining, and fun girlfriends. I say there. It doesn't take much to convince me! Extra bonus: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bride! Holly and I met in grad school at FSU and she is such a sweet girl and SO much fun to be around. And her groom isn't too shabby (after all, he reads my blog and introduced me to Holly...) See Holly is a really fun gal and has a great double hook!
And when we weren't jumping in the ocean, we were catching up on riveting current events. Did Jon really cheat on Kate? Is banana colored nailpolish all the rage this summer? Who will win Dancing with the Stars?
Oh that's right... Our chairs and umbrellas were reserved under the name "Hotties". Compliments of Jessica's husband's fellow firefighter/lifeguard... It was hot out there!
Oh and there is that super fun Holly again, always on the right side of the photo...

Wait... what am I pointing at? Could it be? Why, yes, that is indeed some cheetah flair! Gotta rep the Cheetah Girls!
Overall, the weekend was a giant success. Celebrating with old friends and new. I cannot wait for July 11th- it is going to be an epic wedding weekend! Who knew that 10 years ago when I had an extra ticket to the UF-FSU game and sold it on the street to a random FSU baseball player from Georgia that I would be celebrating his wedding! Oh and....
Dear Gulf of Mexico,
If you get a chance, would you please return my sunglasses? I really do miss them.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not the finest Greene girl moment...

And please let the record show that I am not the Greene girl at fault. Blame lies somewhere between #2 and #3.

So we royally screwed up Mother's Day. While intentions were good, the end result was not. My sister has recently become a fan of digital scrapbooking made two very sweet photo pages for two special women in our lives. She so carefully selected the photos, the layout and had them printed. She so carelessly placed them in the wrong envelopes. On Mother's Day, our mother opened a gift that appeared to be an announcement and her heart nearly stopped beating. The "We love you Grandma!" message was a cause for panic and accusing eyes! Us explaining that "It was a mistake!" and "It was just an accident!" and something about the mailman definitely did NOT help!

Here's to good intentions!

I know that many are waiting for an update from the bachelorette weekend. Well, what happens in Destin stays in Destin. At least until I get photos :). In the meantime, check out some great rental properties!*

*shameless plug for the Brown's

Friday, May 8, 2009

We let her keep a Christmas sweater... but just ONE...

My mom is the world's best blog reader. It's true.

As demonstrated by this actual message left on my voicemail: "Meghan, It's Mom. Did you win monogrammed car mats from Nicole's blog? Call me!" (all said in about 5 seconds)

Nicole is a friend of mine from college. I had NO idea that my mom read her blog. (Apparently she is a big fan of Nicole's Recipe Wednesdays.)

More evidence:
An actual phone conversation:
Mom- Do you realize that you have like 12 followers?
Me- Sure
Mom- One of them looks like Barack Obama.
Me- [pause] um... Mom... it is a picture of Barack Obama.

Friends, be forewarned if she hasn't started reading your blog yet- it is only a matter of time. And since she will be getting to know you all, let me tell you all a bit about her...

She had a birthday this year that freaked her out a little. She claims that she feels old. But I don't think of her as old. She doesn't look it and she sure doesn't act it. (Well, with the exception of the occasional stiff joints :)) Some say that I look exactly like her. I'm not sure I see the resemblance...

She is an elementary school teacher who claims every year- This is my LAST year! But, without fail, year after year she goes back. I used to think that she went back because the thought of living without her Target flow was just too scary. But I know that she goes back because she is really good at what she does and she has the ability to make a difference in young lives every day. And she has certainly made a difference in mine. She is a perfectionist-which is why she edits my blog and tells me when I missed something. (I do realize that everyone I work with is thinking of my red pen... well, now you know where I get that from!)

She likes the beach, the country, gardening, orchids and our dog. Wait, she doesn't want anyone to know that she actually likes our bad, bad, bad dog. (But I know that she secretly does.) She makes excellent waffles. Whenever I bring friends home, they request them. (Although, I personally prefer her omelets-so good!) She is fun to shop with and lunch with and she gives good advice (even when she thinks she doesn't know what to say).

She experienced more major life events at a young age than I ever have. In a very very very short span of time she finished college, started her first year teaching, met my father, married my father, built a house with my father and did it all at the time that she lost her own mother.

My mom taught me to value friends. From watching her build and maintain relationships with the women in her life, I learned that there is great value and significance in surrounding yourself with quality friends. People who will support you, challenge you, celebrate with you and sorrow with you. Family is who you make it.

God sure knew what he was doing when he made you my mother (or me your daughter). That of course is not to suggest that I think there are times when God doesn't know what he is doing... That is just crazy talk.

Oh and Mom (since I KNOW you are reading), when you like to think of me as your "strong willed child", let me remind you that Emily was the one who had to sit in the car during church because she REFUSED to put on shoes...
Happy Mother's Day! I love you and I am better because of you.

Oh and....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

All work and no play?

Donna Marie (who used to work in our office..tear*) has the sweetest most proper voice with the best accent ever AND she loves to drink tea. We knew that we were kindred spirits when we would both make our afternoon cup of tea. For weeks, when 3pm would roll around and we needed that extra boost to push through the day, we would make our tea and joke about doing this:
Well, as the above photo would demonstrate, our dream of Afternoon Tea at work became a reality. Complete with mincemeat pies, scones, cucumber sandwiches and of course tea.

To those who are completely overwhelmed, baffled, or questioning everything that you know about me, this sign should explain it all:

If this sign doesn't explain it all, then you must not watch The Office. And that makes me question how or why we are friends... If you do happen to fall into that category, don't stop reading, I am an equal-opportunity friender.

*Let the record show that I miss Donna Marie with a passion... and not just because I am completing those pesky Dean Cert's in her absence. Donna Marie, if you are reading, I am patiently awaiting a little submission to :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is it really the thought that counts?

My sister, gotta love her, declares on the day after my birthday.... "I really wanted to get VIP tickets for you to go to the.." wait for it.... "The Extreme Monster Truck Rally" I promise those words seriously came out of her mouth. Because nothing says "Meghan" like ridiculously large trucks driving over beat up cars, airplanes and other random objects... kickin' up mud and dirt.

This is exactly the kind of thing that I really love my sister for. She knew that while I would have no legitimate desire to go to a monster truck rally, she knew that I would see the humor in it. People have seriously named their obscenely large tired vehicles names such as Raggin' Rebel, Raminator, Martial Law and my personal favorite Lil Miss Dangerous. Could you imagine the brainstorming session? Yikes.

She wanted to surprise me with those coveted tickets so much that she called in to a local radio station in an attempt to win them. Not once, but twice! After all, they were VIP tickets. And had she actually been caller #9 and snagged those tickets, you had better believe that I would have gone and I would have worn pearls to that show... Although there is a very small part of me that is terrified by what VIP status could possibly mean...)

I'm glad that she settled on giving me a gift card. Even if it did come with the following disclaimer: It may or may not have the full amount on it.

Gotta love her!

Which brings me to my rules for regifting. Who needs Emily Post, when you have me...
1. If the recipient would actually like/ use the gift- Go ahead regift.
2. Gift card- Go ahead regift. (I know others would disagree- but these are my rules.)
3. If the gift has been used (or looks like it has been used)- Give that junk to the Goodwill.
4. Homemade/ handmade items cannot be regifting. That is just rude.
5. Something terrible that you just don't want- save that for the office White Elephant exchange.

Oh, if you have some free time, skip on over to iTunes and pick up two new albums by Chris and Conrad and Jonny Diaz. They would make excellent gifts.

Dear Chris and Jonny,
You are welcome.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 2

I realize that my loyal followers are thinking..."Meghan, umm, it is Day 3." And yes, in the blog-a-thon it is indeed Day 3. But, I do have other things going on in my life, believe it or not.

Long before I was a runner, I was a biker. True story. And today should be a "Day 2" on the annual Challenge biking trip. For those out of the loop, Challenge had a long history in the college ministry at First Baptist Church. For nearly 30 years, as soon as spring finals ended, a large group of college students loaded up and headed out to challenge themselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. They would bike around 200 miles over the span of 4 days across great parts of our country AND they would do ministry along the way. This is the first time in 10 years that I haven't been on the trip or praying for those on the trip. With Clint's transition to Florida State, and the insurance nightmare that a trip of this nature presents, there is no Challenge this year. And it is not likely that there will be one in the future.

As I write, I am flooded with memories from these trips (after all, I did go on 7 of them! yikes- that is like 1400 miles! But let the record show....that is more than Brian Williams.) The relationships that I built with others, the ways that I learned to push myself, to provide encouragement (when everything in me resisted), and the life lessons that I was taught allow me to safely say that I learned MORE on those trips than from anything else I have done. Using the right gears makes ALL the difference. And that is one of the best analogies that I have for life.

So you ask, what's the big deal with Day 2? Day 2 was historically the MOST challenging day for me. My muscles would be sore from the 8 hours of biking the day before, I was tired from sleeping on the floor of a church...and the end was not yet in sight. On Day 2, quitting was still an option in my mind. Probably because I have yet to feel completely invested in the task. And that theme comes up so much in my life. When I am into a project enough to realize how much work it will involve or how much it is paining me... and I can't see the end... I am often very tempted with quitting. Then I remember that it is just a Day 2. Soon it will be Day 3 and then Day 4. By Day 4, I will be so invested, that a small part of me won't want it to end.

This trip taught me not to take the little things for granted, to be grateful for a 30 second shower in Niagara temperature water, to yearn for a turkey sandwich that may or may not have fallen on asphalt, to appreciate that Stu knows every word to "Copacabana", and to understand the value in yelling "Car Back!" for the trillionth time. On these trips I have eaten both the worst meal of my life (burnt beef stew) and the best meal of my life (Amish Buffet), I have been in awe of Charles Lawson, I accepted the fact that I would have to "chase a rabbit", I developed a love for the Barbie lip gloss/ sunscreen stick and I have been grateful that we didn't actually have to rename Hwy 20 and I-75 "The Stuart Pearce Memorial Interchange".

Perfect timing... Clint literally just called me. (Those who know Clint are laughing at my use of the word literally.) Well, a small part of me wanted to cry when he started shouting over the phone. "Where's the tail gunner Group1?! Tail gunner Group 1?!" It appears that I am not the only nostalgic one. I'm just glad that he didn't shout, "If you're not clapping, you're running!"

This little photo was taken at Stone Mountain in 2004? And I learned a valuable lesson on that particular trip- milk before biking is BAD! And what goes up... doesn't always come down.

To this day, I am friends with many of these women, wait....ALL of these women. And we are proud to be rocking sweat dried to our faces, spandex biking shorts, and helmet hair. You can't see it, but on my shirt is a duct tape label with the word "Diva". I can't imagine why?

Challenge, we love you and you will be missed....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Quatro de Mayo

Since Mexico hasn't really been feeling the love lately... I thought that I would give it a shout out. And I wanted my voice to be heard before everyone else!* And in the Wingate tradition, I wanted to rep "Quatro de Mayo". (For those who are in the dark... when you work at a small university in an even smaller town... it is not safe to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in public... as your students have completely taken over the 2 Mexican restaurants in town... and no one wants to celebrate at Chili's!)

Back to the Mexico shout out... Tomorrow, many Americans will forget that Mexico has been the breeding ground for kidnappings and murders and that oh so pesky H1N1 (or "swine flu" for all you media buffs)...and celebrate that country's independence. But wait.... isn't Mexico's actual Independence Day September 16th. Yes, why yes it is. Ah- what do we care! "Cinco de Mayo" sounds SO much cooler than "dieciseis de septiembre".

So what put the 5th of May on the map? Oh that's right... the Mexican army defeated the highly favored French in the Battle of Puebla. No simple task.

So, how do we celebrate? By drinking Mexican beer (and margaritas). Because nothing rubs it in the face of the French more than forgoing wine and drinking beer.

While, I can't absolutely guarantee that I will be partaking in the celebration. There is a chance that I will be with the HHC (happy hour club) at El Jalisco, it is jsut a coincidence that Cinco de Mayo is on a Tuesday this year. C'mon, chicken quesadillas are $1.99- can't pass on that! Jorge save our table!


Because everyone loves a good photo, see below for HHC in action...

Oh.. and a photo from the Birthday celebration... because... why not?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Blog-a-thon Day #1

Last year, Lea and Debbie, in all of their creativity and competitiveness, created a challenge (I know, way too much alliteration...) to blog EVERY day in May. It is the second anniversary of that challenge and it has grown exponentially. A group of my friends (who also happen to be co-workers) have committed to the challenge. It is going to be our very own form of The Office Olympics. For all to know, here are the official rules for participation in the FSU May Blog-a-thon:

-Must post every weekday in May (weekends off- Memorial Day is a weekend).
-Mid-week vacays are NOT exempt from blogging.
-You may post about the challenge in your first blog- or as your first blog.
- For it to count as a post, you must use words... this is not a scrap booking contest. There is no specified minimum number of words or language preference. Blog in Hebrew for all we care.
- In the event of a tie, quality and quantity of posts will be judged.

Official winners will be announced at the 1st Annual May Bloggy Awards.

I am in it to win it.

Friends, here is how you can help me on my quest....
1. Comment, comment, comment.... I need affirmation.
2. Continue to provide me with the quality material that I will need to attract new readers and retain the 5 that I currently have.
3. Send photos. I will add captions.
4. Send gifts.
5. Yes, I do realize that #4 will have no direct impact on my blogging ability. I just like gifts.

In other news, I am officially out of girl scout cookies. It is going to be a rough weekend.