Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Someone buy me a new life.... *

Instead of blogging last week, I was...

Killing ants in my kitchen.
Watching water flow into my yard, compliments of a busted pipe, compliments of Brian.
Living without water in my house for 15 hours, compliments of Matthew.
Calling the City of Tallahassee.
Calling a plumber.
Throwing away an insane amount of dead yellow flowers, compliments of a wedding.
Killing ants in a bedroom.
Killing ants in the kitchen.
Afraid to go in the yard, compliments of the 3 foot snake.
Killing ants in another bedroom.

This is what I get for turning down the opportunity to live in a fancy schmancy guest house with stainless steel things and a pool and batting cages in a gated community. The kind of gated community that might cause Bravo to consider filming the Real Housewives of Tallahassee.

But, no, here I am. Keeping it real.

*Don't worry, I am actually completely satisfied with my life. But if you are interested, you could buy me some new fall boots.