Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week One. Check.

The Greene girls have officially survived our first week all under the same roof (w/o parental supervision).

We have learned one valuable lesson. We simply must wake up earlier on Sunday mornings. (To my judgy blog readers who are thinking... it is SO not Sunday anymore, Meghan is losing her touch... Look, BTS (back to school) has kicked my tail. Be happy that you are getting an update at all.) So the lesson. Yikes. Too many Greene girls. Too little time. I woke up and thought, Perfect! I have enough time to get a run in before we have to leave for church. Which then meant that I would need a shower. At the same time that Emily needed a shower. So, two shorten showers later we are both blow drying our hair and simultaneously begging Sarah to iron something for us to wear. So here is the thing...

Sarah and I had long ago perfected our Sunday morning outfit selection system. You may be wondering why such a system is even necessary. Well, my friends, siblings have the tendency to think alike. So after many mornings of getting ready in our rooms and the emerging at the last moment to leave for church only to realize that we both had on black skirts and white tops (or other matchy matchy ensembles), we developed a system. In the event of this occurrence, we without speaking bust out the good ol' rock, paper, scissors game. Simple solution- loser changes.

Well, that system doesn't work three ways. And there were too many navy blue dresses trying to make an appearance at FBC on Sunday morning. Yikes. New system will need to be created. At least when we have more time!

And now, for my grand question:

Why, oh why, can our electrical system not handle two hair dryers at the same time? I mean, really? It manages just fine with lamps, TVs, the iHome, the straightener, and computers all running simultaneously. But you plug in two hair dryers and... game over. So Emily and I, with half dry heads of hair, are frantically scrambling to move a cooler and bike and hurdle a lawn mower in the garage to flip that devilish breaker! (At least at this point Sarah and Emily have bartered an ironing deal- I believe in exchange for make-up as Sarah left her make-up bag in her classroom.)

Let the record show- all three Greene girls were in their pew of choice by 11:15am on Sunday morning. But we sure broke a sweat getting there!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Something about a blackberry...

While my post may look a lot like this one, it is not because Julia and I are the same person. We just like to do the same things. And we appreciate that there is a great degree of excitement that these little gems bring us. One of these things would be Bobby Bowden.

Oh Bobby Bowden. Yes, Julia slowed to "old man" speed so that I could act like a 10 year old around the Jonas Brothers and capture this...
We just happened to be going to the same place that he was for lunch. We really should have carpooled. It was just us gals and the offense. Well, the defense also got to eat, but they got seated on the other side of the room. And getting up to snap a photo of Ochucko would have been a bit too obnoxious.
I love women who value the importance of garnet and gold inspired ensembles. (Julia's garnet pants are under the table.)

Oh, well looky there, Ann Bowden decided to show us how to get out of the Civic Center parking lot. (I promise, all encounters were coincidental, we are not actually stalkers.)

I may need to retract my above stalker statement. As we spent a moment in textile envy while scouting out the fashion displayed by the young women going through sorority recruitment. I never could figure out a non-creepy way to roll down the window and hollar a lady. You know, to ask if I could have her dress. So, I just did this.

Oh and for the record, we also like these:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh Canada...

To my Canadian readers*:

I shall no longer neglect you. You deserve so much more from me. Today is your day. (Well, I suppose that technically July 1st is your day.) Nonetheless, this is a little treat to show you how much I love you. And how much I love HIMYM. But Canadians, I love you more. Oh and p.s., could we have the Blue Jays back? K. Thanks!

Yes, I actually have a small following in Canada. At least according to google analytics.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Things that I am looking forward to...

-Football season. (See previous post.) Picked up the season tickets today.

-Community on NBC.

-Getting a carrot cake cupcake at Lucy & Leo's with Julia. (Especially after today's adventure was an epic fail.)

-The A/C being fixed at work.

-My new roommate* unpacking all of the boxes in the living room.

-Using my super cute new reusable shopping bag from Lea. (That may or may not be monogrammed.)

-My run tomorrow with a cheetah. It has been WAY to long since we have seen each other. Better make it a long run.

-Using the Dyson that showed up with my new roommate. Yes, I can hear your jealousy.

*yet another Greene girl

Monday, August 10, 2009

When scrapbooking and sports marketing collide...

Oh Hokies, what were you thinking? Are you 16 year old girls at the beach? No. Are you posing for a senior photo? No. Are you intimidating your competition? NO.

(Special thanks to the 5th coolest guy I know for sharing this gem.)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Throw some d's...

As I see it, the requirements for being socially accepted as a Div I college football player (no one particular institution/team will be identified, although you can guess where I did my research.):

-You must drive a truck, large SUV, or impala and you probably have a moped for parking convenience.

-Your truck is likely lifted, impala on dubs, and SUV has your jersey number on it somewhere.

-You ride with your windows down, seat back, and stereo at decibels that let everyone on campus know that you are fan of Young Jeezy, Yung Joc, or Kenny Chesney (if you are the of the south Georgia truck driving variety).

-Your wardrobe consists of university issued Nike apparel.

-Your keys are carried on a lanyard that is never around your neck.

-You never go anywhere alone. Usually in pairs. Occasionally in 3s or 4s.

Oh and if you are a baseball player at that above non-mentioned university, you might use this:

True story. I just took these photos in the Baseball clubhouse. The staff there promises that it has been there, as pictured, since '94. Are you buying the story?