Monday, April 26, 2010

Four things I didn't get for my birthday.

My first 29th birthday was a success. Dinner with a few of Tallahassee's movers and shakers was priceless. And by "movers and shakers" I am directly implying that they have smokin' dance skills, not necessarily that they have the ability to impart change. (Although they probably do.) Last night, I was reminded that I have a lot of well intentioned, yet budget conscious friends. So, here are the things that people wanted to get me for my birthday. Not one of these items are actually in my possession. But there is always next year!

2. A cheetah (a real live one)

Guess which I want most?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here I go again...

Here is the story of how this:
Ended up like this:
It all starts Reagan. I met Reagan in grad school and I will not tell the story of our first meeting. It doesn't paint a very positive picture of me. All that is important is that we are dear friends now. Well, Reagan's birthday is tomorrow and as it is a milestone birthday, she wanted her friends to be able to celebrate with her in Atlanta. So grand plans were developed to have 2 of her friends from Ohio come into town. (Two super awesome friends who I had to pleasure of going to Vegas with a couple of years ago.) I was also planning to go that weekend and Rebekah (another Tallahassee/grad school friend) was hoping to go as well. Things were looking great until both Rebekah and I had Saturday conflicts causing us both to back out of the weekend. We were even more bummed out when Reagan told us that in May, she is moving to Portland. The Portland in Oregon. And we were so sad. That is until we thought a bit more about it and realized that we could actually leave Tallahassee on Saturday afternoon to be in Atlanta by dinner time. So Reagan thought that Georgia and Katie were her only two guest for the weekend, until Friday when Erin also flew in from Ohio and Saturday when Rebekah and I showed up at the restaurant. Surprises are fun. And Rebekah and I would make an excellent team on the amazing race. So our crew now of six had a fantastic dinner and hopped back in the car (I am pretty sure the valet guy didn't approve of my music choices and changed the station, but not important to the story.) So at this point, we parked the cars and were are out in the Highlands. Lucky for us it happened to be "Zombie" night... I don't even know.... So to avoid the "Zombies" roaming the street, we ducked into "Metalsome Karaoke".
You all guessed it.... #6 of 20- Heavy Metal Karaoke.

This was definitely not your mom's karaoke. And definitely something that I had never done before. There was a stage. There was a band. A long haired band. There was a smoke machine. There was a mic. And there were rules. If you were bad. You were gone. Gong Show style, gone.

This was just too much for Georgia. She was in metal heaven. She signed up so fast to rock, "Here I Go Again." And Ladies and Gentlemen, she rocked it.

Just for the ladies, looky there.... it is the Brit who took our pic. (His words, not mine.)
Happy 30th Birthday, Reagan! Here's to a new year!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I listen to/ watch VH1 in the morning. I tune in for Kidd Kraddick in the morning and Ryan Seacrest in the afternoon. My primary news source is twitter. So the fact that I have NEVER done this before will be of no surprise. So......

#5 of 20: Listen to NPR. (and only NPR for one whole, super long, I really needed Lil Wayne week)

Well, here is a full report on my experience. I wanted to change the station a good 3-4 times each time I got in the car. I realized that was more out of my channel surfing habit than a desire to avoid what I was hearing. While I tuned out about every 3rd story, I actually got sucked into a few. I learned something about the potential of a high speed rail connecting LA and San Fransisco. I learned of tragedy surrounding the plane carrying the Polish president and other high officials crashing. I heard endless stories about Massey, coal mining, and safety. I found out that Natalie Merchant has come out with an album of lullabies and jigs that will drive hippie parents wild. Days of texting while driving may be numbered. In local news, I learned that Nims Middle School is the first middle school to EVER be selected to perform at the Sugar Bowl. Oh and I actually knew that the eruption of the Icelandic volcano had closed airports in the UK, long before I made it to the office and saw the commotion that it created.

It was fun being smart for a week. But I am going back to pop music and 90s hits. I just need it. I can't help it. It is who I am.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Those &^$#% April Showers!

If you were me, here is what your Thursday afternoon was like.... You leave work, you meet one of the most lovely people in the world for a cupcake date (and maybe a glass of wine). It is bliss. So wonderful. So yummy. You don't even mind that it is as if the heaven's have opened up and poured down so much rain that you doubt there ever was (or is) a drought. You don't even mind navigating ever so cautiously around the swelling lake sized puddles that you have formed as you walk back to your car. That is of course until you have a real life, true story, Bridget Jones moment.
That's right. A car just drilled me with a tidal wave of water. I might have shrieked. Julia immediately says, "Give me your camera, I know you have your camera!" Of course she said that through her laughter... that I am sure hasn't stopped.

In all fairness, she was pretty wet herself. The kind of soaked when the weight of your drenched pant legs causes them to fall down. We had no choice at this moment. We just had to go home.
Welcome to April in Florida. (Who am I kidding, welcome to April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November.)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby got back...

The following conversation about another conversation actually happened. It occurred via text message. (As most great conversations do.)

Z is the college pastor at our church. (I know, 80% of readers know exactly who that is.)
M is well, me.

Z: While thanking Emily* for helping with the Boston Butt fundraiser** this was her reply..."No problem, I love anything that has to do with butts! It runs in the family."

Thought you should know. I can recommend a good counselor if needed.

M: Haha...No amount of counseling can help us.

Z: Didn't think so.

*My youngest sister and college student extraordinaire.
**Fundraiser for FBC's College Ministry- Smoked Boston Butts sold every fall and spring for $25. Buy one, you won't regret it. Yes, that was a shameless plug. But not as shameless as this one.