Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've got 99 problems, but this bridge ain't one....*

Ah, I just love Charleston. That little city just makes me smile. (And not because Lea's mother-in-law lives there...though it would make for interesting stories...) I have become quite fond of my annual Spring visit, even if my visit coincides with the visit of oh say, 40,000 other runners. As long as Glenda Bebber is one of them, I am good.

So, why is the Cooper River Bridge Run so special to me? Glad you asked. This was the first race that I had EVER run. It was a huge goal that Glenda and I sent our sights on a few years ago. Honestly, this race was the thing that really brought us together. All of those afternoon runs in Wingate, NC brought a shift in our relationship. We quickly transitioned from coworkers to friends. For us, SO many life decisions have been discussed out on the road. Something about the heat or the cold, the shortness of breath, and the sweat.... it just created a safe space. I love that even though we now live 550 miles apart, we still meet up.... just to run.

On Saturday, GB and I ran our 6th race together. It was simply lovely. Well, aside from the wind, the sweat and GB's snot rockets over the bridge- whoops...I said it. (Although, we all know I am not one for keeping other's secrets.)

Here's to next year! April 2, 2011, who's in?

*A Jay-Z reference every now and then never hurts.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Those darn life applications...

There is a lesson here somewhere....

I must first explain my absence (yet again)... My lovely Sony Vaio has again failed me. Rather, as I have recently learned, I failed it. I know, I know, I can access blogger via this crazy thing called the world wide web. BUT, there is just something about curling up with that lovely little computer in my lap that just makes blogging seem so very right.

So for a little story...

Mr. Geek Squad: Good Afternoon, How can I help you? Wait... have you been in here before? You look really familiar.

Me (in my head): No, I haven't been here. You just used the lamest pick up line in the book.
Me (in real life): No, but I need help!

Mr. GS: What's the problem? (I set my laptop on the counter.) Ooooh- It's so pretty. Did you get it here, I have never seen one like this?

Me: It may be pretty, but it sure doesn't work. And yes, I bought it here. Well, not this actual store...but another Best Buy. You get the point.

Mr. GS then tries his bag of tricks to get my lovely laptop to power on. You guessed it, nothing worked. At which point, he began fiddling with a piece that was moderately loose. So, here comes the shaming question... (much like the Sprint guy asking if your phone has water damage-- yes, dropping it in the toilet is classified as water damage-- but that is another story.)

Cue shaming.

Mr. GS: Did you drop it?

Me: Um...well... yeah...probably....I am moderately clumsy

Mr. GS: Well, it appears that the problem is somewhere between the connection and the motherboard. You will have to take it to Sony to have it repaired. And let's be real, that will cost you more than a laptop.

Me: no words. just sad face.

Mr. GS: (with really sad face) What a shame, this is a really pretty laptop.

Me: I know. I know.

So, as I was walking to my car with my very sad news, I couldn't help but think.... Something can be so pretty and alluring, that people are immediately attracted to it. But if it isn't living up to its potential, or purpose, it doesn't really do us much good.

Life application: I can spend all the time, money and effort in the world trying to look a certain way. But if I fail to sharpen my insides- my thoughts, my speech, my consideration, my sharing my heart , how much have I really contributed? Who is able to benefit from me then. Answer, not many. After all, charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have power!

(alternate title: A black girl, a white girl and a man in a Kimono walk into a bar...)

Most of you didn't even notice that I was gone. Indeed, I was. The adapter on my laptop decided on March 2nd that it no longer wanted to perform its God-given function. It probably needs to read something by Rick Warren. But who actually reads all that? Well, thanks to eBay- I have a new AC adapter and I am back in business.

Here is one of many things that happened while I was unable to power my lovely little Sony Vaio with its chocolate reptile cover. (Like you doubted that my laptop would have a chocolate reptile cover...)
I can't make this stuff up. It is like the making of a good joke. Or bad one. This guy. Dressed in this costume. Was out and about in midtown the other weekend. Vita and I were just minding our own business, when hello, look who sits down next to us. I mean, really? Really? Did that just happen. It did. And Whitney had my camera ready.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Who dat?

Well, I just can't seem to stay in the same time zone for long. So, I headed west to yet another city that I had never been to before. All because a year ago, when Jessica moved to New Orleans (something about wanting to live with her husband), the cheetahs decided to run the Mardis Gras 1/2 marathon.

Presenting #4 of 20. Visit New Orleans.

Things we did. In no particular order. Dressed up like Elvis. Got interviewed by a pseudo reporter. Ate crab cake po'boys. Ate sweet potato fries. Walked through the French Quarter. Peeked at Bourbon Street. Ate doughnuts. Ate bagels. Ate lettuce wraps. Went to a delightful chocolate shop. Ate chocolate. Ran 13.1 miles. Beat the mayor of New Orleans. Laughed. Sang. Added medals to the collection.

Some photographic evidence.