Monday, June 29, 2009

If my milkshake won't bring all the boys to the yard...

My lip gloss will!* This little gem was sent to me with #7 pointed out, but I couldn't bring myself past #1!

While, it was an epic FAIL, the Cheetos lip balm is way too close to a plan that I may or may not have been a part of developing that suggested the use of bacon flavor/scented items to lure a man... What man wouldn't be drawn bacon lips! That is assumming that the man in question is all about the bacon and isn't like my random pescatarian friend.

Now, when you have too much Cheetosness on your face/teeth... I recommend using your bacon floss to address the issue.

Thank you Urban Outfitters for sharing this product with the world. (It is currently on sale... apparently, they couldn't move that product. For the life of me, I can't imagine why.**)

*I refuse to title a post, My lip gloss is poppin'. Even if it is.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not cool....

I refuse to get in my car until the weather gets itself in check. Not cool. Simply not cool.

Another reason why I love this place...

Here's what's right with Tallahassee. The man I mentioned in this post has a story.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I scored a 94...

Thanks to @1edub and @itsallaboutlea for thinking that twitter was an appropriate mode of communication for sending me this little quiz.... SCL

Not that I don't ever peruse Stuff Christians Like myself....

Now my question is... can I have extra points for the following:

Married friends sending me articles on how to survive as a single woman.

A former college pastor cleaning out his books and sending over the Luci Swindoll classic, "
Wide my world, Narrow my bed." (classic=old)

A friend volunteering to serve as my publicist. (After all, if Lance Bass can be on the cover of
People magazine just for liking men, why can't I?)

My mother spending her "Girls Weekend" in Savannah trying to convince every young bachelor that she saw that he simply must meet her daughter.

The day that my father and I had this conversation:
Dad: "So you remember when you were little and I told you that you couldn't date until you were 30?"
Me: "Yes."

Dad: "You do know that I was kidding, right?"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

In it to win it...

That of course is my Father's outlook on life. It may or may not have rubbed off slightly on his daughters. I will let you all be the judge of that. Well, as the day begins were we honor our fathers, I would be lacking if I failed to give a shout out to the man who has helped me move more times than anyone ever should.

It is no secret that I am a pretty big fan of my Dad. (Even if he did pick me up in the 7th grade from a youth group function wearing my cheerleading practice shorts...I'm only slightly scarred.) If you were to look at me and all my 5'0" ness and then see my Dad with his 6'0" super sized neck self, you would wonder... Are they related? Do they have anything in common? Well.... to answer your question. Yes. We are related and we both love college students. Well, in very different ways. I like to help students grow developmentally. My dad likes to destroy them. That's close, right? His destructive methods of choice- Racquetball and Mario Kart. Many of you have heard of the "Legend of Dagreene" (yes, I just dropped his fantasy league name). You have either lost to him at Mario Kart or watched him destroy someone. We are going to have to start paying people to play him, as we are running short of willing volunteers.
But, few are aware of his mad racquetball skills. (For a visual, think of the time that he tackled Danielle while playing Ultimate Frisbee.) My dad has been playing racquetball once a week for over 20 years. In recent years, he obtained a membership to USF's recreation facilities. I originally thought that it was because they had air-conditioned courts and they were close to the Emergency Room. (Seriously, old men playing racquetball late at night... an ER is crucial.) But I recently have come to realize that it is so he can destroy the random freshman who thinks it would be fun to challenge the old guys. I can just picture fratty little freshman walking back to his residence hall hanging his head in shame. Hey random freshman- Don't lose heart, we have ALL been there!

While my Dad may not be the most gentle man out there....
He does have a super sized heart. For the man that wanted boys like crazy and thought that girls were "2nd best", he sure does know how to raise a daughter. He doesn't know this (well, he will now that he reads my blog) but, fathers with young daughters often ask me what my Dad did. I simply say... He played with us. He was never too busy to play.
He even woke up at a crazy early hour to cheer on the Cheetah Girls as we ran our half marathon. Seeing my Dad screaming like a madman at 7am as we ran through downtown Tampa would bring a smile to anyone.
Happy Father's Day to the best Team Mom ever!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh yes...

It is official. I think that I have a new crush. (Not that Andy Merrick and Dwight Howard have to worry. I still have a special place in my heart for both of them.)

But, please, let me introduce the newbie. At this point, many of you have heard of Kevin Roose and his little book, The Unlikely Disciple. As a student at Brown University, Kev (can I call you Kev?) decided that he wanted to fully immerse himself into a sociological study and convinced his his family to let him enroll for a semester at Liberty University. Oh yeah. It's true.

Here is what I appreciate about Kevin:

1. He made a bold move- lead by his own curiosity. Born into a liberal Quaker family- this free-spirited, fair-trade coffee drinking, anti-war protesting Brown student decided that after a visit to Thomas Road Baptist Church with A.J. Jacobs (while doing research for The Year of Living Biblically) that he wanted to see more. To understand what it really meant to "go to Liberty", he decided to enroll. The boldest move I have ever made in my life might have been moving to Wingate, NC. (And really, like that was a stretch? Hey Meghan- way to surround yourself with an upper middle class, southern, white, Billy Graham loving population. Glad you went out on a limb there.) Oh Dane, if you are reading, I really said Quaker- go to Borders now... Get a copy...Don't stop!

2. He gave it a fair chance. When something seemed crazy or unsettling. He went deeper. He longed to know and to understand. He joined Bible studies, had regular meetings with professors, played intramurals, sang in the choir and dated Liberty gals. Above all, he was open to Liberty changing him. His way of thinking, his perspective. He was open. (Even to The Liberty Way.... a 46 page Code of Conduct that even makes me cringe. Enough said.)

3. He hasn't abandoned ship. It would be easy to say that he is done. He, after all, has the last print interview with Jerry Falwell... who wouldn't hang up their hat? And his book is now published (and it is no longer banned from Liberty's bookstore). What more is there? But Kev is continually involved in understanding evangelical culture. Namely at Liberty. He is continually seeking the common ground. (To The Village Square would be so proud- Hey Liz- Could we bring him to town?)

Oh Kev, thank you. Thank you for sharing. You combined all of my interests into one little hardback copy. Faith, evangelicalness, coffee, and college students. Yes. And for the record, I agree, 100%, 'fellowship' is code for awkward flirting. And for the record, I am SO good at fellowship.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

You're a medium.

Just look at those sweet and super cute gals.... Who wouldn't want to take them to the mall?
The real question is, "Why would they want to go with these two?" Or, even better, "Why would their mothers allow this to happen?"
But as this story goes, those two sweet youth did indeed go to the mall with us AND they even let us walk next to them.
They let us go with them to American Eagle, where Edub disapproved of some shorty shorts. (I'm talking a 1/2 inch inseam here people- MOST definitely NOT fingertip length!)
Truth be told, we both tried on those shorty shorts. No photos were taken. But let me say, that seeing my thighs in ALL of their glory is a sure fire way to steer any young girl away from purchasing those shorts. We decided instead to model what "appropriate" shorts look like. (While a better length, these shorts are ridiculously loud and Erin appears to be ridiculously tall.)
And we didn't even have to force them to pose with us for a picture. Beautiful.
Moments worthy of sharing:
"My brother calls Wet Seal- Dry Walrus." "He would."
"Meghan, those are SO you." (In reference to peach cheetah print Ray-Ban Wayfarer inspired shades. I now own them.)
"Hot pink aviators. YEEEESSSS."
"Oh wow. We will talk about it outside the store." (Note to my readership- we voted and showing nearly all of your red and white polka dot bra earns 0 pts on the modesty scale.)
"Hey- let's all get matching tops and wear them on the same day." "YES!" (times 4)

OH! And no trip to the mall is complete with out spotting Matt slaving away where it is his pleasure to serve us! (I don't want anyone to be jealous of the fact that I now have a picture of Matt sans hat or glasses.)
I know that many are wondering, so for the record, we most certainly did not go into the store whose name shall not be spoken.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear Andy,

Call me!

K. Thanks.

(that I may or may not have stolen from my girl, Edub)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I never should have let you go...

After years of hot summer biking trips, I never thought that I would utter these little words but.... I miss my bicycle.

Last year, I thought that it would be brilliant for me to bring my little red rocket to Tampa for it to live the life at my parent's. And then it would be there whenever I wanted to bike along Bayshore with my good buddy Travis. Well, in theory, that is great. In reality, I am in Tallahassee more than Tampa and believe it or not, there are moments when I actually long to ride my bicycle here. (cue Queen.)

So, my plan is simple. Next time I am in Tampa, I will rescue my love and bring her back home. Where will we ride through St. Marks trail, the streets of Waverly (on the tour of Lea's life), and adventure in Tom Brown Park. Anyone up for a ride? (We do have an extra Hello Kitty helmet.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Role Model" is my middle name

Rosie learned a lot of good things from the Greene girls during her little week at our house. After having deep theological discussions, she learned that:

1. Stripping wallpaper is a good way to make a quick buck. (Note- I emphasize wallpaper, this is a family friendly blog.)
2. If you want a hot dog, you find a cute guy and his little baseball grill and have him make it for you... (thank goodness Sarah keeps a cute guy around around our house)
3. And this is what you do while he makes above mentioned hot dog...
4. A rice krispie treat for a pudding pak is a fair trade.
5. The clean plate club is cool. It is even better if you finish your food before everyone else. (It gives you the advantage when they offer to share their fries.)
6. That it isn't so bad when your whole family leaves you in Tallahassee so that they can go to Chicago.

After all who needs Chicago when you can play all day at the Rez, sleep on an air mattress at Camp Greene, eat lots of french fries, play games at night, and earn $10!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This little blogger is BACK!

My sincerest apologies to the one blog reader (GB) who missed out on my little entries and life updates. If I know anything, I know that after running a big race, it is important to take a week off to let your body rest. So, it was critical to my long-term blogging career to take a week off after that Blog-a-day-May nonsense. (btw- a winner is tbd.)

I have thought long and hard about what my first post back is going to be. And I have had ample material to post about as this week has been a non stop flurry of activity. To recap: We spent a night without living room furniture, stripped the wallpaper in the bathroom, we are still stepping on bits of paper, painted the bathroom, got new furniture, my dad stayed for the week, Greene girl 3 finished orientation at FSU and cut off 14 inches of hair for Locks of Love, this lady skipped town for the week and left her 10 year old with us (s0 fun!), birthdays were celebrated and FSU baseball just couldn't make it happen.

But friends, this morning, I bring you news of a man in his late 20s/ early 30s who feels that it is socially acceptable to bring a bird to a bar. My question what point was bringing a puppy to a park not a solid enough way to meet people?

I have learned that this was not an isolated occurrence. If I went out more, I would surely have seen him and his "seeing eye" parrot. I believe that he is well on his way to becoming as iconic as the naked bicycler on Apalachee Pkwy.