Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When the cat's away...

The mice will play...

Yes. Those are my sisters. They make me proud.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All in a day's work...

For the past 7 days, I have been busy at work on my 20 of 2010. Oh, the lengths (and distances) I will go for this little project. I actually rose above my challenge of visiting a new city and visited a city that I had never been to before, in a country that I had never been to before, in a continent that I had never been to before. Compliments of my new job (oh yeah, I got a new job), I spent last week in Europe for our spring director's meeting.

So, here is #3 of 20: I visited Valencia, Spain.

I could have completed my entire list of 20 new things just on this trip. And since doing that would make for a boring year, I decided that I would document 20 things that I have never done before just on this trip.

#1 Visit Europe

#2 Visit Paris (for a 7 hour layover) and use a French Keyboard

#3 Hang out in the SkyMiles lounge (those International Programs peeps sure rack up some FF miles.)
#4 Visit Spain
#5 Eat paella at Maria's house. She is awesome. Her paella is to die for.
#6 Drink Cafe con Leche everyday
#7 Stay in a building that has a 15th century Roman wall

#8 See a bull ring

#9 Tour Valencia's City Hall
#10 Climb to the top of the Serrano Tours
#11 Attend a private party. In Spain.
#12 Eat my weight in tapas
#13 Hang out with an Italian Man (Don't get the wrong idea, he is my friend Kelly's husband.)
#14 Find Hannah Montana on a menu
#15 Watch the Valencia Marathon
#16 Participate in an international paper airplane competition #17 Go to an Irish bar in Spain with friends from London and Florence #18 Run in a river bed

#19 See the City of Arts and Sciences #20 Have a dance party with co-workers

It is official. I love Valencia. I really do. I may move there. Dare me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Come on in...the water is fine...

Have you ever put something off for nearly a decade? Well, let me tell you. It is such a great feeling when you finally do it. And what a great year to make it happen. Because now it is in the official 20 of 2010.
#2 of 20: Join the church AND get baptized.

Yes, you read and heard that correctly. You do not need to adjust your screen. I, Meghan Greene, was not a member at First Baptist Church. Cue jokes about commitment issues. Well, no more! It was time to make it official. So, on Sunday, I was baptized along with my sisters and my future brother-in-law.

Because inquiring minds want to know... here are the answers to the questions that you are asking:

Have you really NEVER been baptized?
Well, I actually have been baptized. In 1981. As an infant. With a lovely little sprinkle on my head. My family attended Methodist church at the time and that was the practice of the church. I certainly do not take that baptism lightly. I am very grateful that my parents made a public commitment to raise me in the church and place an intentional emphasis on my personal spiritual development.

So, if you have been baptized, was it necessary to do it again?
If by necessary, you mean "to get past the pearly gates", I would say no. Salvation is through grace alone. But here is why I believe it to be important. It was about me, as an adult, making a public profession of my faith. It was also important for me to recognize and honor the heritage and tradition of the baptist church. Thus, I wanted to be baptized by immersion.

So, why did you wait until you were 2_ years old?
Honestly, this is something that has been on my heart and mind for a while. And there are two reasons for the procrastination. 1) There were parts of me that just felt like it was a hoop to jump through. That it wasn't necessary. It wasn't a requirement. So, why do it? 2) I was afraid. I was afraid of what people would think. I feared the reaction would be ::gasp:: Meghan Greene has never been baptized! Did she just become a Christian?! Wait... she was on staff at our church!?
The reality is that reason #1 was just an excuse to validate reason #2.

So, how did people react?
Well, from what I hear, there was a bit of a stir in the pastoral staff meeting when they read my "next step" card. Then I had a flock of church staff members eager to book the date. (the very next Sunday, as it turns out.) And then a flowing of support and encouragement. Very clearly demonstrating that the above mentioned reason #2 was all in my head and not one bit in God's plan. Other reactions...well, I saw lots of cameras clicking away on Sunday morning, got lots of hugs, and my parents came. They were excited. (Well, once I convinced them that we weren't joining a cult. I kid.)

Did you do a cannon ball into the baptismal?
No. But I wanted to. And I wanted to wear floaties on my arms. Safety first.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Got any almond paste?

Well, I know that many of you have either (a) assumed that I have forgotten my year commitment to the 20 of 2010 or (b) forgotten yourself that I ever made a claim to do 20 things that I have never done before. Well friends, rest assured. I have not forgotten. In fact, I have been busy at work developing my list and scheming its execution.

So, without further ado, I present #1 of 20.

I learned to make Petit Fours. Yes, I took an official baking class. Complete with made for tv style demonstrations, the distracting banter between our chef/teacher and the store owner, a water outage, and the lovelies. That's right Julia and Angie. And Matt was there too. He took the picture, how could we forget him.

After seeing what an involved and time intensive project making Petit Fours is. I doubt I will ever actually make them myself. I will just order them from the lovely folks at Piece of Cake Tallahassee.