Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In a year's time.

Here is a little curve ball for you all. I know that you think that I still have 3 more things to do (that I have never done before). Well....  I don't.

I have saved a number of things throughout the year. Thats right, they are stashed in my figurative back pocket. For this very moment. Yes, the time of year where I am too busy to fit in anything else and, frankly, too tired to care. Pretty tricky, huh?

I guess I just kinda thought that I would come up with something better, more exciting or dramatic. Well, time is basically up. So, for #18 and #19 I present seven, yes SEVEN, things that I had never done until this year.

In no particular order:

- I bought a Mac. A MacBook Pro or just MBP around here. I can no longer say, "I'm a PC." And yes, I am hooked. I now want an iPad. Bad.

- I rode a bike through a BMX park. I know that you are all disappointed that there is no photographic evidence, but it is hard to take a picture of yourself on a bike when you are, well, on a bike. Back in May when I tested my mad mom skills, I also got in on the fun. What I failed to tell you in that post was that Maxx let me borrow his bike and I tore up that track. Seriously. so. much. fun.

- I made it to Silver Medallion. All of the time spent breathing recycled air has finally paid off. That's right, Delta is giving me the recognition that I deserve. Granted I am still a peon when compared to the gold, platinum and diamond peeps. But I walked on that red carpet with pride. Well, not really.... but I do check bags for free.

- I met my blog stalker. I couldn't believe it. A stalker of my very own!  Anyone who has the guts to walk up to someone (me) and say, "Hey, this may sound crazy.... but do you have a blog? I totally read your blog. It is so nice to actually meet you. You are even prettier in person. And funny, gosh, you are just brilliantly funny." has my vote! (I may have embellished a bit. A lot was happening then, I can't remember exactly. Either way, Hi Blog Stalker!)

- I worked in the nursery. Babies, not plants. You may not know this about me, but I am completely awkward around babies. So far from a natural, they make me so nervous. So how exactly did I end up in the nursery at church one Sunday? Well, quite simply, they were desperate. They needed a moderately responsible, willing adult and guess who was sitting in the back row of the service and who could easily be grabbed to help and who happened to be "safe church" trained. Oh, that's right... this girl. So I spent 90 minutes one Sunday rocking babies, keeping them away from electrical outlets and wiping snot. Really, not much different that teaching in the college ministry. (joke. It was a joke.)

- I joined the Junior League. After resisting for years, my friend Rebekah finally twisted my arm. She is a very convincing gal. So now my life is full of meetings (as if it wasn't already.)

- I saw Ludacris in concert. Dressed as Ke$ha. I was dressed as Ke$ha. Not Luda. He was dressed as... Luda. It was halloween. No further explanation is needed.

Seven things. That is much better than two. And hopefully that will make up for me not riding the mechanical bull. I just couldn't do it. There were waaaay too many people watching.

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  1. Your list is nothing to sneeze at. But when I have my birthday party with the mechanical bull, it's on.