Sunday, December 12, 2010

December, is that you?

It is freezing in Tallahassee. Absolutely freezing. Lights are strung around town. The parking lot at the mall is full to the brim. The mass of college students that days ago made it impossible to find a table at Panera have vanished. The always anticipated Marshall Christmas card has hit the mailbox. Football season is all but over and I am looking at a candy cane. Yet, I cannot seem to wrap my mind around the fact that it is Christmas time. All signs point to yes. But, it just doesn't seem real and I can't quite figure out why. If I were Lea Marshall, I would have some profound understanding of why. I would then tell you all about it on my blog, using lower case letters and alliteration. But, if I were Lea Marshall, I would rearrange my furniture just to host a dinner party. And well, I am way too busy organizing my Netflix queue to rearrange furniture, or to cook dinner, or to... blog.  (Yes, Eva, I know. It has been a while.)

With December sneaking up on me the way it did, I now have 21 days to do FIVE things that I have never done before.  Yikes.

Don't panic. (I have that part covered.) But with panic comes a plan. I have a plan. At least I think I do. And one of those FIVE things that I have never done before is in the oven. The oven in my kitchen. That was not a euphemism. I mean my non-stainless steel appliance. (Not that I love it any less. Ok... a little less. But hey.)

To be continued...

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  1. and i would have a poem and 37 Bible verses explaining the reasons...
    glad the thing that you haven't done that is in the oven is literal and not metaphorical.