Monday, May 11, 2009

Not the finest Greene girl moment...

And please let the record show that I am not the Greene girl at fault. Blame lies somewhere between #2 and #3.

So we royally screwed up Mother's Day. While intentions were good, the end result was not. My sister has recently become a fan of digital scrapbooking made two very sweet photo pages for two special women in our lives. She so carefully selected the photos, the layout and had them printed. She so carelessly placed them in the wrong envelopes. On Mother's Day, our mother opened a gift that appeared to be an announcement and her heart nearly stopped beating. The "We love you Grandma!" message was a cause for panic and accusing eyes! Us explaining that "It was a mistake!" and "It was just an accident!" and something about the mailman definitely did NOT help!

Here's to good intentions!

I know that many are waiting for an update from the bachelorette weekend. Well, what happens in Destin stays in Destin. At least until I get photos :). In the meantime, check out some great rental properties!*

*shameless plug for the Brown's


  1. Oh my goodness! Your poor mom!

  2. Maybe your mom thought one of you were trying to tell her something!:)